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Ver Taxi Number 9211 (2006) Online Gratis
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Ver Taxi Number 9211 (2006) Online Gratis


It tells the story of two men, both victims of anger, which is involved in an accident showing their worst qualities . Belong to opposite ends of the social scale . Raghav Shastri [ Nana Patekar ] is a cynical grumpy. It has changed 23 times working in the last fifteen years. It is an insurance salesman in the world, but in reality , is a caustic and witty cabbie instinctive need Rs 30,000 . to pay for food , the owner of the taxi and the studies of his son.

Jai Mittal [ John Abraham ] , an heir acid is an ingenious business family [ Aakash Khurana ] has to go to court and prove their claims for 300 million rupees. Today is your last chance. A trusted aide [ Shivaji Satam ] his father is the sole beneficiary . Naturally , Jai challenges the will in court .
There was no reason for Raghav and Jai were found. But circumstances unite them . Now Raghav has something that Jai desperately needs [ the locker key , which is kept safely will] and Raghav is in no mood to give it back . What follows is a game of cat and mouse rivalry , how Raghav and Jai come to increasingly hostile ends to win the game.

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